Once you achieve something that you're
trying to get, there's a great sense of satisfaction


Only GOCOVRI has been clinically proven to treat dyskinesia

Uncontrolled, involuntary, and unpredictable
movements of the face, arms, legs, and/or torso.

while also reducing OFF time

When medication, like levodopa, is wearing off or is not working optimally
and PD symptoms (stiffness, slowness, tremors) return.

, without changes to levodopa
GOCOVRI was studied in 2 clinical trials* of nearly 200 people with PD who had dyskinesia. In both studies,
people added GOCOVRI to their existing PD medications, without changing their dose. People experienced
less dyskinesia as well as less OFF time, leading to more functional time

ON time without troublesome dyskinesia. This is time when your PD symptoms
are well controlled and you're not experiencing troublesome dyskinesia.

in their day.


OFF time

More functional time

*In both studies, the primary goal was to measure the change in dyskinesia using a scale that assesses how dyskinesia impacts everyday activities such as speech, handwriting, chewing and swallowing, using utensils, getting dressed, and participating in social activities and hobbies. Secondary goals were to measure the number of hours per day of OFF time and functional time, which were done using PD home diaries.


They wanted to address both dyskinesia and OFF time—GOCOVRI helped make it possible.
Watch these Real GO GETTERS talk about their experiences.

HEAR FROM deborah




Age 64

A family-oriented artist, Deborah started experiencing dyskinesia in 2013—10 years after her PD diagnosis. Deborah tried amantadine IR, but amantadine IR is not approved for dyskinesia. Determined not to let dyskinesia and OFF time stop her, she found GOCOVRI. Now she can get back to painting and playing pool.


Age 54

Diagnosed with dyskinesia in 2010, 3 years after her PD diagnosis, Laura is a Real GO GETTER who won't let dyskinesia and OFF time keep her from living an active lifestyle. Not ready to commit to surgery, she turned to GOCOVRI. Now she can keep more of a routine and get back to her beloved horses.


Age 66

Ervin enjoys giving back to the community, but when he started experiencing dyskinesia in 2014, 11 years after his PD diagnosis, he worried he would have to take a step back from helping others. With GOCOVRI, Ervin has more control of his dyskinesia and OFF time. Now, he and his wife, Gayle, continue to stay engaged in local support groups.


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Before taking GOCOVRI, tell your doctor about all medical conditions, including if you:

  • have kidney problems; unexpected sleepiness; take medicine to help you sleep or that makes you drowsy; have mental problems, such as suicidal thoughts, depression, or hallucinations; unusual urges including gambling, increased sex drive, compulsive eating, or shopping; or if you drink alcoholic beverages

  • are pregnant or plan to become pregnant or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. GOCOVRI may harm your unborn baby and can pass into your breastmilk

Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Especially tell your doctor if you take medicines like sodium bicarbonate.

What should I avoid while taking GOCOVRI?

  • Do not take GOCOVRI if you have severe kidney problems

  • Do not drive, operate machinery, or do other dangerous activities until you know how GOCOVRI affects you

  • Do not drink alcohol while taking GOCOVRI as it can increase your chances of serious side effects

  • Do not stop or change the dose of GOCOVRI before talking with your doctor. Call your healthcare provider if you have symptoms of withdrawal such as fever, confusion, or severe muscle stiffness

  • Do not take a flu nasal spray while taking GOCOVRI, but you can receive a flu shot

What are the possible side effects of GOCOVRI?

GOCOVRI may cause serious side effects, including:

  • falling asleep during normal activities, such as driving, talking, or eating, while taking GOCOVRI. You may fall asleep without being drowsy or warning. The risk is greater if you take GOCOVRI with medicines that cause drowsiness

  • suicidal thoughts or actions and depression

  • occurrence or worsening of hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not real)

  • feeling dizzy, faint or light headed, especially when you stand up too quickly, when first starting GOCOVRI, or if your dose has been increased

  • unusual urges including gambling, sexual, spending money, binge eating, and the inability to control them
    If you or your family notices that you are developing any new, unusual or sudden changes in behavior or related symptoms, tell your healthcare provider right away.

Be sure to take your medicine at bedtime as instructed. You may take GOCOVRI with or without food.

View the GOCOVRI Important Facts for additional Important Safety Information


Tap to see Important Safety Information

GOCOVRI® (amantadine) extended release capsules is a prescription medicine for treating dyskinesia (sudden uncontrolled movements) in Parkinson’s disease patients treated with levodopa therapy, with or without other medicines that increase the effects of dopamine in the brain. It is not known if GOCOVRI is safe and effective in children.


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